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Moldy HVAC closet

12/5/2017 (Permalink)

Possible mold growth in the HVAC closet

Here at SERVPRO of Palm Springs we are always helping our clients out with mold issues. The clean-up concerns with microbial growth are very real and may present health concern for those with impacted systems. In this picture we see an HVAC unit that has possible mold concerns. Because of the location of the mold, adjacent to a ventilation system, this can pose a major issue to the entire home as mold can be circulated throughout the duct work.

For this situation we first hired an industrial hygienist to determine what we were facing. After they conducted there tests they provided our company with a set protocol to clean the jobsite and reduce the mold concerns.

It’s always important to work with qualified professionals during your restoration project. This ensures that will job we will done right the first time.