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Water Damage: What To Do

4/24/2020 (Permalink)



  • Shut off the source of water if possible or contact a qualified party to stop the water source.
  • Turn off circuit breakers for wet areas of the building, when access to the power distribution panel is sage from electrical shock.
  • Remove as much excess water as possible by mopping and blotting.
  • Wipe excess water from wood furniture after removing lamps and tabletop items.
  • Remove and prop up wet upholstery cushions for even drying.
  • Place aluminum foil or wood blocks between furniture legs and wet carpeting.
  • Remove to a safe, dry place any paintings, art objects, computers, documents and other materials that are valuable or sensitive to moisture.
  • Use wooden clothespins to keep furniture skirting off damp floors.
  • Hang draperies with coated hangers to avoid contact with wet carpeting or floors.
  • Hang furs and leather goods to dry separately at room temperature



  • Avoid all contact with sewage and items contaminated by sewage.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after contact with contaminated items.

Contact your local SERVPRO of Palm Springs for more information on Water Damage procedures (760)327-7700

Aspects of a Kitchen Demolition

12/11/2017 (Permalink)

Propping up countertops

At SERVPRO of Palm Springs are work has many components. We have many things to consider when we arrive on a job site; what type of loss? How affected is the loss site? How long will the project take? These are just some of the questions we have to ask ourselves when we are first starting our work.

In this picture we see a kitchen demolition where the cabinets have been removed and the countertop has been propped up while the new cabinets are waiting to be installed. There are challenges when dealing with marble or stone as it can become very weak in some areas where it has been cut very thin. Any shifting or movement after it has been installed can cause breakage. This something we communicate before we attempt detachment. Typically we try to prop up the counter tops in place with wood and slats, this minimizes the danger of breakage and protects the customer’s home.

Always choose a provider with the knowledge and proven track record to work on your home.

RV Dry-down

12/5/2017 (Permalink)

RV drying equipment setup

At SERVPRO of Palm Springs we can also assist vehicles that have been affected by a water damage, there is also a possibility that the clients insurance can cover the damage as well. See you agent for details about personal details.

In this photo we see the interior of an RV that was affected by a failure in the supply line. Once we performed an extraction to remove the bulk of the water we then placed drying equipment. Just like a structure that has been affected, the interior of the RV must also be dried in the same manner. The size of the area and the amount of moisture are measured and from that information we can place the right amount of equipment.

So whether it is a home, a business or in this case an RV, we can help with your water damage project.

SERVPRO has a Segway?

10/4/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO's "Segway"

When a water damage affects carpeting, it is important to stabilize the job site and extract as much water as possible.

One of the ways that this is accomplished is to use a weighted extraction unit.

At first glance they can look similar to the popular SEGWAY vehicles that are used for recreation. But on closer inspection they don’t offer the same range.

The weighted extractor, uses the rider’s body weight to assist in the extraction process.

The water travels down the tubes out to the truck mount engine.

Weighted extraction is used when the vendor is attempting to dry the carpet in place. They may also detach the carpet from the tack strip and "float" the carpet by using air movers.

These are both good methods of restoring items rather than replacing.


Tenting wooden flooring to speed up drying

10/3/2016 (Permalink)

Camping in the den

When a water damage occurs on hard wood flooring, it is important to extract the water as quickly as possible.

Wood is porous and will absorb water that it comes into contact with.

When this occurs, based on how the wood is cut, it will "bowl" or "cup".

If this warping is caught in time, we can place equipment that will actually cause the wood to shrink back towards it original shape.

In this picture we see a shot of a wood floor that has been tented. The tent decreases the size of the drying chamber and focuses the process on the affected area. Like a hair dryer as opposed to a drip-dry.

The tenting will speed up the drying process, decrease the cost of the claim and make the right move for all involved.

Slab Leak in the night

9/27/2016 (Permalink)

We found the leak

At SERVPRO of Palm Springs and SERVPRO of Indian Wells we are here to help with any size disaster.

In this photo we see a shot of a slab leak that has affected the interior of the residence.

The loss was actually discovered in the middle of the night. The homeowner moved to get out of bed and was greeted with sevral inches of warm water.

When a slab leak occurs it usually perks up through the concrete and spreads out into the home. If the volume of water and time are left unchecked you can awake to a similar situation.

Slab removals are also frustrating in that they require a re-flood of the site. The resaon behind thr re-flood is to locate the souce of the loss. The pipes in the slab are pressurized with water and then the air leaks out where the break in the line is...Along with any remaining water in the lines.

Luckily we are onsite and ready to etract as soon as it perks up.

SERVPRO, Like it never even happened.