Commercial Photo Gallery

Ceiling Collapse at Commercial Building

Larger commercial buildings have sprinklers installed, these are designed to help but sometimes they can fail. When this happens the spriklers can flood the paneling and this will call a collapse.

White Glove Demo?

For those that require white-glove demo work to be performed, we offer "Button Down" Service...Just Kidding, This is a photo of our marketing manager tearing up a wooden dance floor.

Malodor issues at Casino

Here we see a commercial restroom with negative air and a HEPA filter in-place. For some of our larger clients, the required service level and expectation for operation is much higher. When they have an issue we repond to meet the need and bring resolution.

Right size tool for the job

When the project starts to ramp up in scale, you want to use the right size tool for the job. In our area we have some homes that are almost the size of small commercial buildings.

For this type of project we recommend larger dessicants. They handle the load and dont require the extensive documentation that multiple smaller units have.