Water Damage Photo Gallery

Dry down in the Nursery

In this picture we se a shot of a Nursery that was affected by a water damage. With any public service provider, timeliness and promptness of project completion are crucial.

Equipment Detail

Here we see a small portion of our airmovers being tagged with an ID so that we can track more effectively. You have to know what you have and how to use it.

Sunken living room?

When these home owners talked about having a sunken living room, they may have meant something else.

The water in this picture came from a supply line to an icemaker in the bar.

Luckily they knew who to call.

Plastic can stain carpet?

When a caret is tained during a water damage, normally the culprit is wood or metal. In this photo we see a shot of a blue-ray player that has 'bled' into the carpet.