Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Brush Fire in Coachella 2015

In the eastern part of the city we have a large swath of Ag land, when this becomes dry the risk for fire is increased.

Here we see a blaze that affected some migrant encampments. The fire was too intense and the dwellings were deemed not salvageable.

Thankfully, no one was injured.

Juicer gets scorched

The engine inside this Juicer unit has overheated and caught fire. The ensuing smoke affected the residence and required extensive wipe-down and deodorization.

When AC units run hot

In our desert the tempatures soar into triple digits routinely. When this occurs the A/C unts kick into overdrive. Sometimes the strain is too much and a small fire is the result. This can create odor and soot issues in the residence.

Wildfire:Scorched Earth- Singerton, CA fire 2013

In southern California we have dry periods that affect the native vegetation. When things become too dry and the summer temperatures soar we can have wildfires.

In this picture we see the intensity of the fire on the foliage.