Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Gust o' Wind: Palm Desert CA, 2016

Here we see fallen trees from a severe wind storm that moved through our valley. The brunt of the storm landed in two areas. The first was central palm desert, with over 100 downed palm trees, the gardeners were busy; The second was in mecca/thermal area. The force of the wind in that area was enough to snap wooden telephone pole lines and bend the metal poles beyond repair.

Flooded Home in La Quinta, CA 2015

Water naturally pools in low lying areas, this occurs at both small and large scales. In this phote we see a shot of a residence that sat a little lower than its neighbors. It experienced significant flooding. This type of project requires sump pumps and can take a few days to stabilize before the dry-down phase.

Hotel underwater, Flooding in La quinta, CA 2014

This hotel in La quinta , CA was affected by the 2014 floods. The area was hit with a 700 year storm and we were called to help this hotel. One of their wings comprised of 23 seperate rooms was heavily affected.

The Road to Work...Post-flood 2013

Here we see  the access road to our facility after the rains in 2013. This presented an obstacle for deploying our fleet. Luckily, we have higher clearance on our trucks, for just such a reason.

Braving the Sea: La quinta, CA Floods of 2013

During the summer months in 2013 we were affected by a 300 year flood that maxed out the local drainage. Parts of the community became flooded and we provided the largest response in the valley.